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Feb 22, 2017 Admin

Saya Association Visits Pehli Kiran School For Disability Awareness Session & Gift Distribution

Categories: Learning Activities. Spreading awareness. 

At Pehli Kiran School, Golra campus, Saya Association visited for disability awareness. They also distributed gifts among students. Gifts sparked joy in children.

Saaya Association works for improving the social-economic, Cultural Condition of People with Disabilities through the promotion of information, knowledge, skill, Awareness & Advocacy. The 80% Staff of the association is a Person with Disabilities and Contributing on a voluntary basis. The role of the Saaya Association Islamabad is to provide a voice to persons with Disabilities.

Pehli Kiran Schools (PKS)  aim for a Whole Child Approach to their educational philosophy, emphasizing “Tarbeeyat” with “Taaleem” (character development with education). We instill confidence in these disadvantaged children through positive experiences, character-building activities, and quality education by exposure to positive role models.

Please consider donating to PKS-2 to support the school and local community.

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