Pehli Kiran Schools takes vulnerable children off the streets, and into schools, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, and to be kids once again.

Our School System

'Pehli Kiran' means 'the first ray of light'. Our school system is a network of ten community schools which provide quality primary education to

4,500+ deserving children

PKS serves the unserved and forgotten children of Pakistan’s neglected slums.

We provide schooling access to the most difficult to reach, out-of-school, destitute children. PKS uses an innovative approach by taking schools to the ‘katchi Abadi’ (urban slum) communities, and moving with them when they are evicted by local authorities. PKS establishes mobile school sheds in Katchi Abadis (slum areas) of Islamabad in response to the needs of these transient, nomadic communities. Through individual philanthropy and crowdfunding, we raise funds to give quality education, skills, and opportunities to these needy children, who rightfully deserve the chance of a better tomorrow.

Take school to the Community
to ensure access and retention and provide kids with opportunities to learn and grow.
Mobile Infrastructure that moves
with the Community when evicted - “the school that stays with you” and prevents dropouts.
High-quality education model, using
Montessori approach, embraces diverse styles and pathways to learning, and realizes that every kid's initial learning venture is unique.

Our School System

  • The unique features of the PKS model are its Montessori-based academics, a strong co-curricular program, mobile infrastructure that moves with transient, urban migrant communities, and flexible operations - all delivered in a high-quality low-cost package. WE ARE ONE OF THE LOWEST COST EDUCATION DELIVERY MODELS IN PAKISTAN.

  • PKS takes vulnerable, destitute children off the streets, and provides them with opportunities to learn and grow and to be kids once again.

  • We engage community-based teachers and staff to better understand and serve the unique educational needs of students.

  • Our teaching model uses the Montessori approach which meets our operational context.

  • Our PKS model evolved over 29 years of hands-on experience in delivering solutions on the ground, combined with the extensive knowledge and expertise of technical specialists.

  • We aim for a Whole Child Approach in our educational philosophy, emphasizing “tarbeeyat” with “Taaleem” (character development with education). We instill confidence in these disadvantaged children through positive experiences, character-building activities, and quality education by exposure to positive role models.

Let Us Start Investing in the Most Deserving