Pehli Kiran Schools takes vulnerable children off the streets, and into schools, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, and to be kids once again.

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Aug 19, 2020 Admin

Pehli Kiran Schools Sports Teacher Ensuring Right to Play and Helped Children Cope During COVID19 School Closure

Pehli Kiran Schools focus on Sports to boost physical and mental energy in children. Play and physical activity enhance well-being.

Listen to the PKS sports teacher sharing her thoughts on how she learned to build life-skills through play after joining the Right to Play. She also told how she helped children to cope during school closures – PKS children who did not have any access to digital devices and have limited means to engage in healthy activities.

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Pehli Kiran Schools (PKS)  aim for a Whole Child Approach to their educational philosophy, emphasizing “Tarbeeyat” with “Taaleem” (character development with education). We instill confidence in these disadvantaged children through positive experiences, character-building activities, and quality education by exposure to positive role models.

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