Pehli Kiran Schools takes vulnerable children off the streets, and into schools, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, and to be kids once again.

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Sep 1, 2020 Admin

COVID-19 Response: Seekho Seekhao Saathi – A play-based, Child-to-Child Learning Program to Counter Learning Losses

The Seekho Sikhao Saathi (SSS) program is an innovative response to school closures in the COVID-19 crisis, being delivered by the Pehli Kiran Schools (PKS) in partnership with Cities for Children. Based on a “Child to Child” model, this equips older students from Grades 4 and 5 to deliver early learning sessions to younger children, within their communities. The program aims to ensure that children keep learning in creative ways, and are ready to make a smooth transition back into education when schools do reopen.

A high impact, low-tech solution to bring children back into learning mode and also have a lot of fun!

Without any access to digital resources or remote learning facilities, the SSS Program is helping bridge the learning gap. It also encourages children to build friendships, and improve well-being while learning together, and from each other.

Older children (Bara Saathi) are teaching a group of four younger children (Chotay Saathi) using the given activity packs.

Community Coordinators, mothers, and all family members are eagerly helping in the delivery of the SSS program, with heartwarming examples of parents providing space in their homes for children to collect in small groups of 4-5. Community members have become active participants in their children’s learning process.

Please support our high impact COVID-19 campaigns to help vulnerable children and families.

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