Pehli Kiran Schools takes vulnerable children off the streets, and into schools, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, and to be kids once again.

Success Stories

From Street Kid to Chef – Abdul Wahab from Pehli Kiran School 8

Abdul Wahab has an inspiring story to tell about his journey. From hanging out…
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Forging her Own Path – Fehmida Hussain from Pehli Kiran School 8

An encouraging story of a PKS student turned teacher, who helps her students follow…
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Masters of Our Own Fate – Waseem Yousaf from Pehli Kiran School 8

Waseem Yousaf narrates, “Despite every hardship, life is far better than we could have…
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Raising the Future – Shazeer Gul from Pehli Kiran School 7

Shazeer believes his teachers at PKS are the catalysts of change and inspiration to…
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Reaching for the Stars – Shoaib Tahir from Pehli Kiran School 7

Shoaib Tahir from PKS 7 says, “Whatever I am today and aspire to be,…
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Against All Odds – Allah Rakhi from Pehli Kiran School 5

Allahrakhi, a former PKS student, and now a PKS teacher, personifies the sheer strength…
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A Father’s Dream – Islam Khana from Pehli Kiran School 2

Islam Khana’s access to free education at PKS turned her dream into reality. Having…
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